BIGBANG = a Celebrity to Celebrities part 2!

List of local and international celebrities/public figures fanboying/fangirling to BIGBANG and/or covering their songs. Last update: 171207

doing this again cuz BIGBANG is on hiatus i’m bored 😛 Link to part 1:

~Korean Artists/Singers~

°Akdong Musician

°Bae Suzy

part 1 / part 2

part 1 / part 2

°Block B
part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4


°BtoB’s IlHoon

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6 / part 7 / part 8 / part 9 / part 10

°Epik High’s DJ Tukutz


°Girl’s Day

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4

°H.O.T’s Kangta
part 1 / part 2


°Ladies’ Code’s Sojung

°Lee Seung Chul

°Monsta X
part 1 / part 2 / part 3


°Oh My Girl

°Shinee’s Minho


°SNSD’s Yuri


°Spica’s Boa

°Super Junior-M’s Henry

°Teen Top’s Niel

°Tiger JK



°Vixx’s Ken and rapper DinDin


~Other Korean Celebrities~

°MC Yoo Jaesuk

°Guitarist Sungha Jung

°Figure skating pair Yura Min and Alexander Gamelin

~Japanese Celebrities/Public Figures~

°Lawyer politician and former defense chief Tomomi Inada

~Chinese Celebrities/Public Figures

°Alfred Hui

~Non-asian Celebrities/Public Figures~

°American pop band DNCE

°American DJ Duo The Chainsmokers

°Swedish-based famous Youtuber (with 57 million subscribers) Pewdiepie

°British journalist and fashion critic, Suzy Menkes

°British singer Charli XCX
part 1 / part 2

°Top american model Bella Hadid spotted in new york wearing GD’s Peaceminusone cap


°BB appeared on the official website of part 1 / part 2

°TOP was featured in the official twitter account of British luxury fashion house Alexander McQueen

°Italian fashion designer and co-fgounder of luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, Stefano Gabbana, posted TOP’s pic on his own instagram account during TOP’s birthday in 2014

°2015 american musical comedy film Pitch Perfect 2 features BB’s Fantastic Baby

°TOP was revealed to be one of the inspiration for Joker’s look in the 2016 hollywood movie Suicide Squad which won Best Make-up and Hairstyling at the 89th Oscar awards

°Defence ministry of south korea blast north korea with BB’s Bang Bang Bang via giant loudspeakers as part of their propaganda

°Daesung was mentioned in korean variety show Let’s Eat Dinner Together

°BB’s Lies was mentioned in an episode of 2017 korean drama 20th Century Boy and Girl

°Suzy dancing to BB’s Fantastic Baby in an episode of 2017 korean drama While You Were Sleeping

°GD was mentioned in korean comedy show Gag Concert

°BTS’ Jimin mentioned BB (and snsd) as the most popular for him and his gen when he was in school in korean variety show PTCOMR

°BB receiving high praises in an MBC tv show

°Daesung’s ‘A Big Hit’ used as bgm in korean variety show Running Man

°Rookie idol group The Boyz mentions BB at a broadcast

°GD was mentioned in an episode of korean drama Entourage

°BB’s Sunset Glow featured in 2014 korean drama Witch’s Romance

°GD was mentioned in korean variety show Fantastic Duo

°BB was mentioned in korean drama Madam Antoine

°BB was mentioned in korean drama Age of Youth 2

°BB songs sang by members from 1st gen groups to new gen groups in an episode of korean variety show Happy Together

°GD’s song Crooked is featured in Jung Woo Sung’s upcoming korean movie Steel Rain

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10 years later, BIGBANG is still credited for being k-pop’s fashion pioneers

Extract from an article about SNSD in Korea Herald…

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BIGBANG is south korea’s national Idol Group since 2007

National title = nationwide popularity or being recognized by the whole country, not just from certain specific age and gender group. 😊
(about “Lies”)

(about history of “groups”)

((meaning of the term “chuang”))

Coming from KangTa, a member of the first generation idol group, H.O.T, 2010 ➡ 2016 interview

From the (current) third generation idol group, Got7…

**under construction**

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Why has Big Bang been dominating the charts?

another interesting read about BIGBANG’s success in Korea. 🙂 this was written after the group released their 4th mini album Tonight, (=underrated by kpop fans, yet received positive responses from the critics:

Why has Big Bang been dominating the charts?

Chosun Weekly recently wrote an in depth article on the group’s recent success.

2 years and 3 months were only numbers, because when Big Bang finally released their comeback mini-album, “Tonight“, not only did it skyrocket to the top position on live music charts, but also sold 100,000 copies in a week, a truly remarkable feat in this era of 2 to 3 week promotion cycles.

They also made a specially-tailored comeback to broadcasting programs with “The Big Bang Show“, thanks to SBS.

The Big Bang frenzy isn’t just limited to the Korean peninsula, however. One of Japan’s most popular clothing brands, Uniqlo, created special-edition Big Bang t-shirts that went on to sell out in both countries.

And if you look further, it doesn’t stop just in Asia. ”Tonight” was 3rd on Billboard World Album Chart, and as high as 6th on the US iTunes Album Chart, all without any promotions in America. This exemplifies how far the reach of the Hallyu wave now extends in the world market.

Five years after their debut, Big Bang now reigns in business which is dominated by the ‘idols’. Not only is their music popular amongst the public, but music critics gave rave reviews, too. The individualized and unique activities of each member has also gone a long way in creating a marked contrast between Big Bang and the other male idol groups. Now, we want to ask why we are so drawn by these five men- G-Dragon, T.O.P., Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri.

Five years after their debut, their relationship has strengthened

The birth of Big Bang can be traced back to Yang Hyun Suk, president of YG Entertainment. Gummy and Big Mama had met the public’s desire for raw singing talent, but there still weren’t any groups that carried its distinct individual colors. Therefore, he decided to create a group to fill this gap of the music industry, and have ‘musician images’ for each member.

But they didn’t achieve success immediately after their debut. Although they released 3 singles in 4 months, their hip-hop/R&B style didn’t gain much traction with the public, since most were enraptured by idols who were visually appealing. It was few and far between to see a male idol group which put music and production ahead of popularity.

The turning point came one year after their debut, with the release of their 1st mini album “Always” (2007). The title song, “Lie” grabbed the attention of the public almost at once, and Big Bang swept the charts.

After “Lie” came a string of hits in “Last Farewell”, “Sunset Glow“, “Haru Haru“, and now, “Tonight“; each album the team released dominated its promotion cycle.

Once they decided to take this road, they didn’t give up. Big Bang has been working hard ever since their first hit, and despite the fact that they’re now the top stars in the music industry, they’re still doing the same things that they’ve been insisting on from the beginning.

Normally, after five years, most idol groups get into conflicts with their company, or are forced to be disbanded (for various reasons). However, Big Bang is unique among its peers, because the longer they’re in the industry, the stronger their relationship seems to become.

Singer-songwriter… the triumph of skill

Big Bang, with its inborn musical talent, maintains a strong lead among idol groups because they write their own songs. In 2007, Big Bang began to produce electronic music, which continued to borrow influences from hip-hop rhythms, but their sound design came from electronica, which helped them connect with the younger generation. Although electronic music has since become commonplace in the music industry, years ago, only groups like SNSD, the Wonder Girls and SG Wannabe tried it in their songs. This explains why Big Bang, which combines electronic music with new genres, has garnered such attention from the public.

Strong support of electronic music has been the key to Big Bang’s continued success. Both locally in Korea, and abroad on the Billboard charts, the electronic genre has continued to be popular since the 2000s.

The members of Big Bang have also shown their ability to compose their own songs, like “Lie” which was composed by leader G-Dragon. And when he participates in production, his musical skills grow as well. In their upcoming album, G-Dragon will be responsible for the production of all the songs, as well as collaborating with other famous composers, which is why fans are anticipating it. Whenever Big Bang promotes new songs, they want to introduce something new and tell us new stories. It is the reason why they are different from other ‘idols’, both in terms of their ‘clothing’ and ‘choreography’.

Music critics also treat Big Bang differently from other idol groups. They analyze their music separately, and treat the group as musicians rather than idols. The most important factor that determines the success of singers is the quality of their music, and Big Bang certainly has that.

Big Bang’s Fashionable Attire

They started a phenomenon not only with their music, but with their fashion, which has not only changed the public perception of idols, but also given the group a competitive edge. Their fashion style has also become a cultural phenomenon.

Big Bang didn’t lag behind in fashion. In fact, part of their explosive success with songs like “Lie” and “Last Farewell” may be attributed to their stage outfits, which were at the center of public attention. Many of the name-brand items they wore were imported, or simply unable to be purchased in Korea. Their use of brand-name products allowed them to pioneer new trends onstage with each performance. If a store was selling ‘Big Bang style’ clothes, their items would sell out.

This is a crucial part of their success. The costumes worn by SM, DSP, JYP, etc artists are created especially for the artists by their company, and so it’s difficult to for them to create a fashion trend that can be imitated right away.

Big Bang’s clothing style is an eclectic blend of hip-hop street style and sturdy practicality. A combination of fashion items from different styles created a unique color and personality for the group that distinguished them from the rest. And the fact that the younger generation follows the style of Big Bang shows how closely they connect with their idols.

There was no gap, even during their hiatus

The principal reason behind their continued popularity in Korea, even during their hiatuses, is their individual activities. Since the music industry turned digital, the popularity of an artist is measured by how well they place on music charts. It’s no mean feat for groups to maintain their popularity, but Big Bang’s members have had their own solo activities. In addition, they came up with the idea of forming a duet (GD&T.O.P.). While some members act, others who are talented in variety shows can make TV appearances, all of which allow the group to be in the public’s eye 365 days a year.

Therefore, although it’s been 2 years and 3 months since the members have joined together under the name of Big Bang, we don’t feel like they’ve been away for very long, since during this time, they’ve each released solo material.

Daesung has taken part in variety shows, T.O.P has participated in films, and even Seungri was in a musical. Moreover, in order to pave way for their comeback, their company has started their promotion since last December by producing GD&T.O.P duet album and then produced Seungri’s solo album in January.

So when we saw their comeback in February, they didn’t seem unfamiliar at all. Even after releasing 3 singles, 4 mini album and 2 full-length albums, Big Bang’s popularity is still high in Korea. Whenever they face difficulties, they address them with preparation and speed.

They have showed us how music can conquer the entertainment industry, and, with their advancement into the Japan market, we can anticipate more success for them in the future. Although electronic music is not as popular in Korea as it was in the past, we can believe that Big Bang can overcome these hurdles without any difficulties.

Source: Chosun Weekly
taken from

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BIGBANG’s list of awards

compilation of awards that BIGBANG won not only in Korea but internationally as well. some of these award shows are shady (with stupid policies like no show, no award blah blah blah,) unfortunately, politics exist everywhere.

Cyworld Digital Music Awards
2006 Big Bang Rookie of the Month (October)
2007 “Lies” Song of the Month (August)
2007 “Lies” Song of the Month (September)
2007 “Last Farewell” Song of the Month (December)
2008 “Haru Haru” Song of the Month (August)
2008 “Sunset Glow” Song of the Month (November)
2009 “Lollipop” (with 2NE1) Song of the Month (April)
2009 “Hallelujah” Bonsang
2009 Song of the Month (September) Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)
2009 Teens’ Choice Award G-Dragon
2009 “Heartbreaker” Song of the month (September) (G-Dragon)
2009 Ting’s Choice Award (G-Dragon)
2009 Bonsang Award (G-Dragon)
2011 Song of the Month (July) I Cheated (G-Dragon and Park Myungsoo)
2012 “Blue” Song of the Month (February)
2012 “Fantastic Baby” (March)

Gaon Chart Awards
2011 “Love Song” Song of the Month (April}
2012 “Blue” Song of the Month (February)
2012 “Fantastic Baby” Song of the Month (March)
2012 “Alive” Album of the Year (1st Quarter)

Golden Disk Awards
2007 Big Bang Digital Bonsang
2008 Big Bang Digital Bonsang
2013 Big Bang Digital Bonsang
2013 Big Bang MSN International Award
2013 G-Dragon CeCi Popularity Award
2013 G-Dragon One of a Kind Digital Bonsang

Melon Music Awards
2009 Album Of The Year Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)
2009 Top 10 Album of the Year Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)
2011 Tonight Bonsang
2011 Rap/Hip-Hop Song of the Year Oh Yeah (GD & TOP)
2012 Alive Bonsang

Mnet Asian Music Awards
2007 “Lies” Music Arrangement
2007 Big Bang Best Male Group
2007 “Lies” Song of the Year
2008 “Haru Haru” Mnet Music Portal Award
2008 “Haru Haru” Best Digital Single
2008 Big Bang Best Male Group
2008 Big Bang Artist of the Year
2009 Album Of The Year Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)
2010 Best Male Solo Artist (Taeyang)
2011 “Love Song” Best Music Video
2012 Big Bang Best Male Group
2012 Big Bang Guardian Angel
2012 Big Bang Artist of the Year
2012 Best Male Artist (G-Dragon)
2013 Best Male Solo Artist (G-Dragon)
2013 Best Dance Performance – Male Solo Crooked (G-Dragon)
2013 NISSAN JUKE Best Music Video Coup d’Etat (G-Dragon)
2013 Artist of the Year (G-Dragon)

Mnet 20’s Choice Awards
2008 Big Bang Hot Trend Musician
2009 “Lollipop” Hot Commercial Film Star (with 2NE1)

Seoul Music Awards
2007 Stand Up Disk Daesang
2007 Big Bang Record of the Year in Digital Release
2007 Big Bang Bonsang
2009 Big Bang Bonsang
2009 Remember Record of the Year
2009 Big Bang Mobile Popularity Award
2009 Big Bang High One Music Award
2013 Fantastic Baby Bonsang
2013 Record of the Year One of a Kind (G-Dragon)

Korean Music Awards
2008 Dance & Electronic Musician of the Year Netizen Vote Big Bang
2009 R&B/Soul Album of the Year Hot (Taeyang)
2009 R&B/Soul Song of the Year Only Look at Me (Taeyang)
2011 Male Musician of the Year Netizen Vote (Taeyang)
2013 Best Hip Hop Song “One of a Kind” (G-Dragon)
2014 Male Musician of the Year Netizen Vote (G-Dragon)

Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards
2010 Minister Commendations (Taeyang)

Japan Record Awards
2009 Big Bang New Artist
2009 Big Bang Best New Artist
2010 Big Bang Gold Award

Japan Gold Disc Award
2010 Big Bang Best 5 New Artists
2013 Alive Best 3 Albums (Asian)

Rhythmer Awards
2013 One of a Kind Best Hiphop Song of The Year

MTV Video Music Awards Japan
2010 “Gara Gara Go” Best New Artist Video
2010 “Koe wo Kikasete” Best Pop Video
2010 “Rain is Fallin” Best Collaboration Video (W-inds ft. G-Drgon)
2012 “Fantastic Baby -Ver.Final-” Best Dance Video

MTV Europe Music Awards
2011 Big Bang Best Asia Act
2011 Big Bang Best Worldwide Act

MTV Italy TRL Awards
2012 V.I.P Best Fanclub

Bugs Music Awards
2011 BIGBANG Best Male Group (Top 3)

Youtube Kpop Awards
2012 “Fantastic Baby” Top 3 Most Viewed Videos (3rd place)

8th MBC Korean Visual Arts Festival
2007 Male Singer Photogenic Award Big Bang

Nickelodeon Korea Kids’ Choice Awards
2008 Favorite Male Singer Big Bang
2009 Favorite Male Singer Big Bang

35th Korea Broadcast Award
2008 Newcomer Award Big Bang

21st Korea PD Awards
2009 Best Singer Award Big Bang

2009 Best Hits Song Festival
2009 Gold Artist Award Big Bang

42nd Japan Cable Broadcasting Award
2009 Best Newcomer Award Big Bang

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
2009 Artist of the Year Big Bang
2012 Big Bang‘s first photobook, ‘Extraordinary 20′s‘ Big Bang

United Nation Asia Pacific Global Tolerance with Music
2010 Global Unity Award Big Bang

Japanese Grand Prix du Disque
2010 Best Newcomer Big Bang

Space Shower Music Video Awards
2010 Best Choreography Video “Gara Gara Go” Big Bang

Singapore Entertainment Awards (SEA)
2011 Most Popular Korean Artist Big Bang

So-Loved Awards Europe
2011 Comeback Big Bang
2012 Best Band (Male) Big Bang
2012 Best EP(Mini Album) Alive
2012 Best Song Fantastic Baby
2012 Best Solo Artist-male (G-Dragon)

SBS PopAsia Awards
2012 Best Boy Group Big Bang
2012 Best Fan Group Big Bang
2012 Best Solo Act (G-Dragon)

Taiwan Warner Music
2012 Platinum Awards Tonight Special Edition
2012 Double Platinum Awards Alive (EP)

Youku Tudou Young Choice Awards
2013 Favorite International Artist (G-Dragon)

QQ Music Awards
2013 Most popular Korean-Japanese artist (G-Dragon)

YinYueTai V-Chart Awards 2014
2013 Top Male Artist (G-Dragon)

Remarkable German Korean Awards
2011 Best Male Group Big Bang
2012 Party Song of the Year Fantastic Baby
2012 Best Male Group Big Bang

Other Awards

47th Grand Bell Awards
2010 Hallyu Popularity (TOP)

Style Icon Awards
2010 2010 New Icon-Movie (TOP)
2013 Top 10 (G-Dragon)
2013 Style Icon of the Year (G-Dragon)

Blue Dragon Film Awards
2010 Best New Actor (TOP)
2010 Popularity (TOP)

Max Movie Award
2010 Best New Actor (TOP)

Paeksang Arts Award
2010 Best New Actor (TOP)
2010 Popularity Award – Actor in a Motion Picture (TOP)

Busan International Film Festival Asia Star Awards
2013 Rookie Awards Commitment (TOP)

MBC Entertainment Awards
2012 G-Dragon Style Guinness Award
2013 Jung Hyung-don & G-Dragon Best Couple Award

Music Show Awards

SBS’s Inkigayo
09.09 – Lies
12.16 – Last Farewell
12.16 – Last Farewell

01.13 – Last Farewell
08.24 – Haru Haru
08.31 – Haru Haru
09.07 – Haru Haru
11.30 – Sunset Glow
12.07 – Sunset Glow
12.14 – Sunset Glow

03.06 – Tonight
03.13 – Tonight
03.20 – Tonight
04.17 – Love Song
04.24 – Love Song
05.01 – Love Song

03.11 – Blue
03.18 – Blue
03.25 – Blue

-Individual Awards-

07.06 – Only Look at Me (Taeyang)
07.13 – Only Look at Me (Taeyang)
07.20 – Only Look at Me (Taeyang)

02.15 – Strong Baby (Seungri)
02.22 – Strong Baby (Seungri)
03.01 – Strong Baby (Seungri)
09.06 – Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)
09.13 – Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)
09.20 – Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)

07.18 – I Need a Girl (Taeyang)
07.25 – I Need a Girl (Taeyang)

01.09 – High High (G-Dragon & T.O.P)
01.06 – What Can I Do (Seungri)
02.13 – What Can I Do (Seungri)

09.15 – Coup D’état (G-Dragon)
09.22 – Crooked (G-Dragon)
09.29 – Crooked (G-Dragon)
11.24 – Ringa Linga (Taeyang)

Mnet’s M! Countdown
09.27 – Lies
10.25 – Lies

01.17 – Last Farewell
08.28 – Haru Haru
09.04 – Haru Haru
09.11 – Haru Haru
09.25 – Haru Haru
12.04 – Sunset Glow

03.03 – Tonight
03.10 – Tonight
03.17 – Tonight
04.28 – Love Song

03.08 – Blue
03.15 – Fantastic Baby
03.22 – Fantastic Baby

-Individual Awards-

06.19 – Only Look at Me (Taeyang)
06.26 – Only Look at Me (Taeyang)
07.03 – Only Look at Me (Taeyang)
01.22 – Strong Baby (Seungri)
02.05 – Strong Baby (Seungri)
02.19 – Strong Baby (Seungri)
02.26 – Strong Baby (Seungri)
09.10 – Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)
09.17 – Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)
09.24 – Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)

07.08 – I Need a Girl (Taeyang)
07.15 – I Need a Girl (Taeyang)
09.02 – I’ll Be There (Taeyang)
12.30 – Oh Yeah (G-Dragon & T.O.P)

01.06 – High High (G-Dragon & T.O.P)
01.27 – V.V.I.P (Seungri)
02.03 – What Can I Do (Seungri)
02.10 – What Can I Do (Seungri)

09.27 – Crayon (G-Dragon)
10.04 – Crayon (G-Dragon)
10.11 – Crayon (G-Dragon)

09.12 – Black (G-Dragon)
09.19 – Black (G-Dragon)
09.26 – Crooked (G-Dragon)

KBS’s Music Bank

09.07 – Lies
10.05 – Lies
10.12 – Lies
12.14 – Last Farewell
12.21 – Last Farewell

01.11 – Last Farewell
02.01 – Last Farewell
08.22 – Haru Haru
09.05 – Haru Haru
09.12 – Haru Haru
09.19 – Haru Haru
09.26 – Haru Haru
11.21 – Sunset Glow
11.28 – Sunset Glow
12.26 – Sunset Glow

03.04 – Tonight
03.11 – Tonight
03.18 – Tonight
04.22 – Love Song

03.06 – Blue
03.16 – Blue

-Individual Awards-
08.28 – Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)
09.04 – Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)
09.11 – Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)
09.18 – Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)
09.25 – Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)

07.16 – I Need a Girl (Taeyang)

09.20 – Who You (G-Dragon)
09.27 – Crooked (G-Dragon)

“in reality, Big Bang doesn’t even need these awards.

The five members have already proven that they are true artists, and these awards just serve as reminders for the group to continue to strive higher and bring better music to its many fans all around the world.
” – Mnet

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An in-depth piece about Big Bang’s impact in Korea written by Kang Myung Suk (music critic and former editor-in-chief of 10Asia magazine)

note: please listen to BIGBANG’s “Lie” while reading the entire article. lol 😛

About the music business without talking about music – BIGBANG

Bigbang Part I : Succeeding like a lie

In these articles I don’t usually talk about music, but for Bigbang I’m going to talk about music, to be more specific talk about ‘Lies’. In that time, the one song ‘Lies’ satisfied all the music consumers in Korea. This song was the best to put as their bgm(background music) for their personal homepages, was first on the music charts for weeks and even made Bigbang shine on stage. Bigbang through ‘Lies’ became a group that had did well in music sales and a group where all the members became stars.

The reaction for the song ‘Lies’ starts from the unique characteristic of this song. As everyone knows, the song was influenced by the Sibuya musicians such as Free Tempo or Daishi Dance. In the beginning of the song there is a piano melody, and in the hook the entire rhythms storm; this reminds us of the Sibuya musicians. However, ‘Lies’ doesn’t only remind us about the sound of the Sibuya musicians. ‘Lies’, from the start to the end, is led by the rhythm. The only piano part that makes the melody repeats itself, making it a repeated beat. These songs usually become a performance song where the repeated sound is emphasized, or there are a lot of cases where the repeated part is emphasized more than the melody. FreeTempo’s ‘Sky high’ which ‘Lies’ had a quarrel about plagerising(which was not true), have the melody repeat itself again and again.

But, in ‘Lies’ in this sound he put in all the developments that normal kpop has. ‘Lies’ melody development starts out very softly, but when it comes to the hook ‘I’m so sorry but I love you…’ until this ends the song is at the peak, then in the middle of the song the song rises again because of the rapping part, and in the end part before the climax of the song there is a bridge ‘I’m only like this / I still cant forget you’. If you divide the melody up ‘Lies’ has all the development it needs to be a song and all the elements develop in a predictable way.

The Sibuya style sound is not very new anymore. So is the development of kpop. However, it is hard too find both of these in one song balanced out well still having the characteristics of each. The ‘sound’ of this song was better than the normal kpop, and the melody development was easy for anyone to enjoy. Before ‘Lies’ came out, the music charts were dominated by medium tempo ballad songs. Songs with an R&B style rhythm with orchestra or synthesizer sounds which where easy to listen to. The strong vocals put a lot of power into the predictable melody line and made an impact. So, these songs were suitable to put them as bgms, or as colorings.

‘Lies’ satisfied the public in a different way from these heavy medium tempo ballad songs. This repeated sound with an electronica basis gave a different feeling from the existing kpop, but at the same time was easy to listen to as a bgm. But on the other hand, the existing development of kpop was well mixed in with this song so anyone could easily enjoy the song. It could be a calm song if you wanted to, or it could even be an exciting song that you would like to sing along. Of course before ‘Lies’ a lot of people were listening to FreeTempo and Daishi Dance. But that’s the same for lounge music and Latin music too. In Korea, these songs that were based on the sound weren’t able to come into the mainstream market. Or when it did come in it became ‘kpop-ized’ and only had some of the sounds in it. ‘Lies’ made us listen to the Sibuya style sounds in the most popular way it could. The music that was good and polishing that we couldn’t easily go near, all a sudden became a song that we could sing at the karaoke.

The characteristics or ‘Lies’ is also directly reflected in the music video. The story in ‘Lies’ is not very different from the existing dramatized music video stories. A guy goes into jail for the girl he loves. But, this music video doesn’t just bluntly tell us the story word by word. The story was conveyed by a very concise edited video, and in between the members of Bigbang sing while following the girl around. The parts where Bigbang sing and the music video’s story line also are linked. Bigbang doesn’t have to ‘act’ to show their song and fashion style all they want. The plotline isn’t new, but the way they conveyed the story was new. ‘Lies’ had the elements that the market requested for them as their poll, filled up the rest of the elements with things that did not come into our mainstream market yet, and completed it as one building.

However the popularity of ‘Lies’ is not only because of the great balance between the existing kpop style and the new stuff. The more important thing is the unique ‘thing’ that came out in the process of balancing them out. Everyone wants to try to preserve the unique characteristics of the sound and make it have the existing kpop structure. The problem is how you do it. ‘Lies’ resolves this by its very unique melody structure. Most kpop usually has a structure that gradually increases. In the process the melody rises gradually and is at the climax near the end of the songs. Most ballad songs have this structure, and songs with rap usually have this structure rap-melody-rap-melody-bridge-melody. If you express this as a graph, it’s a straight line from the bottom left that goes up to the right.

On the other hand ‘Lies’ is like a staircase graph. In this song the rap and melody the members sing doesn’t link to each other, but the parts are broken and the mood of the song is raised in a short amount of this. After G-Dragon’s rapping part, melody wise with no connections ‘Without you, I can’t smile’ melody appears, then after that ‘It’s like shit…’ appears, and then the song right away goes into the hook ‘I’m so sorry but I love you…’. In the second verse TOP’s rap and Daesung’s melody come after one another and in an instant the song comes to one of it’s highlights ‘Loner who’s left alone…’, then after the rap and melody cross over one another ‘I’m so sorry but I love you…’ appears again.

The melody of ‘Lies’ is not connected as one, but it’s more like many pieces are just gathered together. This is because ‘Lies’ is more based on the rhythm than the sound or melody. When a new rhythm comes out the mood of the song changes, the song’s melody is replaced by another melody with a new rhythm. This structure was the core of making ‘Lies’ first on all the online charts and even making Bigbang on the top of the game. The melody rose rapidly so the members could come into their parts making a large impact, and the song goes to its climax in a short about of time. You can hear the hook of ‘Lies’ in less than one minute of the song, and in the end parts the bridge is right before the hook and the song is at its climax. When you listen to it on the computer it’s suitable as a BGM, but on stage the climaxes come out restlessly in ‘Lies’. And, during this the members get a chance to appeal themselves.

The overall development of ‘Lies’ is very experienced and skilled, making us doubt G-Dragon’s age. G-Dragon didn’t stop by repeated melodies that rise rapidly, but also when you see the song structure as a whole, the song rises. In the first verse G-Dragon and Seungri cross over each other with their rap and melody slowly building up the tension and finally reveals the hook; on the other hand in verse two TOP and Daesung develop the song in a similar way but TOP’s rap comes out strong and makes a larger impact than it did in verse 1. In the end of the song the bridge and hook brings the song to its climax. In verse one where he could’ve just made it loser, he puts in the line ‘It’s like shit’ and makes the song have a fiercer feel. These days there are ‘hook songs’ that cannot give an impact except with their repeated melody; but on the other hand ‘Lies’ when you see it as a whole, and when you see the parts separately there are no useless parts. This is why TOP’s rap part and the vocal parts are easy to remember too. G-Dragon made this song with memorable rap and melody pieces, and Bigbang through this song could show their completed style and the characteristics of each of the members at the same time.

This is why ‘Lies’ had an explosive reaction over the existing idol market. This song has this generation’s culture fortune that listened to Lula and Jinusean’s music in his childhood, listened to FreeTempo and Maroon 5 when he grew up, and can pull off the style mixing in hip-hop style clothing and other style clothing. ‘Lies’ has the generation’s code who wants to be a step forward in the trend but comfortable at the same time, and that wants to stand out but also somewhat mix in at the same time. This was a market that not exist before Bigbang’s ‘Lies, and this was the moment where the idols met this generation’s emotions.

But the interesting thing is this song that is like scenery made of pieces has also some minor and depressing characteristics. ‘Lies’ is a explosive song that runs to its climax, but the parts that make up this structure are calm and melancholy. The piano melody that is the theme for ‘Lies’, and G-Dragon’s rap and Seungri’s vocal in verse one, progress with a low tone. The parts that actually give us an explosive feeling is in verse two in TOP’s rap and the hook. In ‘Lies’ all the verses are wrapped up by a strong hook, but the process of this is more like the feelings are building up gradually than being exciting. Also in the hook ‘I’m so sorry but I love you it was all a lie, I didn’t know, I need you’, instead of going on with the powerful melody, in the ‘Eeya mollatsuh(I didn’t know’ part the notes go low and make the mood calm. You can excitingly enjoy ‘Lies’, but it doesn’t burst out all the feelings. In the hottest points the melody of ‘Lies’ leaves some aftereffect. This is probably one of the reasons why it was able to maintain its originality. Exploding, but doesn’t burst out all the feelings and ‘Lies’ became a cool song. It became a song that we wouldn’t be fed up with for a long time. Also, this became Bigbang’s stage and their appearance. Bigbang through ‘Lies’ not only did they make a new group image, but also made their group style that they’ve showed from before to define their group identity.

The path that Bigbang went after ‘Lies’ is also the story of how they changed these feelings. If ‘Lies’ is the root of Bigbang’s identity until now, the activities after this of Bigbang is how they varied this. This is the different between ‘Lies’ and ‘Haru Haru’, and also ‘Sunset Glow’. The things I’m going to talk about next are about that.

Bigbang Part II : Between a style icon and a national idol group

Since I’ve talked about the more musical things in Part 1, now I’m going to talk about everything except the music. The reason I’ve talked musically about the song ‘Lies’ is because it is impossible to explain about Bigbang without those explanations. Also it is not common to see the music(to be more specific their title tracks) that Bigbang has showed us, directly impact the flow of the music market. Bigbang through ‘Lies’ became a top star, and found a new market that the other idol groups have not found before. The big hit of ‘Lies’ showed us that idol groups could not only be the style icon for their fans, but also for the people that were living in the same time era. Everyone put the songs of idols as their background music for their homepages or blog, and guys around Bigbang’s age wore the Bigbang style clothing. When an idol group comes in contact with the ‘public’ over their fans, the commercial impact is phenomenal. They appeared on CFs that were targeted for teenagers and people in their twenties; in that age range the Bigbang fandom that grew larger and consumed the products they put out.

It is impossible for a group to do this with only one hit song. For example, if Bigbang came out with a ballad song after ‘Lies’ would they have been able to gain the popularity they have right now? The song could of somewhat succeeded, but the place that they had as the ‘style icon’ wouldn’t have been as firm. The new market was stirred up by ‘Lies’; the consumers wanted Bigbang to have the style that ‘Lies’ had, and Bigbang needed to bring out a song that was on the same lines as ‘Lies’.

From that point, the songs in their second mini album, ‘Fool’ and ‘Last Farewell’ were an intelligent choice. YG Entertainment released the second mini album not far after they finished their promotions for the first mini album. The album with the songs was different, however ‘Last Farewell’ and ‘Fool’ had the momentum of the group that had made a big hit with ‘Lies’. Bigbang in those two songs wore street fashion clothing that was on the line of ‘Lies’, and the two songs had a basis of electronica music like ‘Lies’.

However, the two songs didn’t just simply repeat ‘Lies’, but played a variation Bigbang’s style. ‘Fool’ and ‘Last Farewell’ are the two variations of ‘Lies’. ‘Fool’ has the ‘slow, low, gloomy’ part of ‘Lies’, and ‘Last Farewell’ had the ‘fast, high, exciting’ parts. The song development in ‘Fool’ is the same as ‘Lies'(Please refer to PART 1 about how ‘Lies’ was written). ‘The order of the member’s parts, melody and rap in ‘Lies’ is almost fully repeated in ‘Fool’. However this does not mean that ‘Fool’ is the repetition of ‘Lies’. G-Dragon in the same structure, was able to bring out a more calm, gloomy and sentimental melody. The voices were thinner, and in the hook they don’t rush in with power like they did in ‘Lies’; it is more like they chanted it. However, ‘Last Farewell’ emphasizes the explosiveness from ‘Lies’ even more. The tempo’s fast, and in the hook a simple and explicit melody ‘baby baby..’ appears. Contrary to ‘Fool’, this is probably why Brave Brothers participated in writing ‘Last Farewell’. Brave Brothers, like we’ve seen in ‘Crazy’, is good at writing melodies that are short and easy to remember. In the hook of ‘Last Farewell’ Bigbang dances a dance that can easily be danced by anyone; this shows the characteristics of this song(The sharing of works between G-Dragon and Brave Brothers is clearer when you hear ‘Crazy’ and ‘Saturday Night’ which he wrote by himself). ‘Fool’ emphasized the more sentimental feeling of ‘Lies’, and ‘Last Farewell’ released the style that Bigbang showed in ‘Lies’ even more to appeal to the public. This isn’t the best metaphor, but it is like how Apple made a big hit with Ipod and released the Nano and Shuffle to vary their products. So they showed the ‘Bigbang style’ to the public in a way that they would not get fed up with it; they showed different products so they would easily like it.

During this process Bigbang dominated a specific market. At that time Bigbang showed their own music and fashion, and Bigbang showed a variety of products so their consumers didn’t have to try to go find another team. The solo activities during the first half of 2008 hardened the cool and stylish image of Bigbang. Taeyang’s ‘Only Look at Me’ was not only popular, but even was acknowledged for the musicality by receiving an R&B award from the ‘Public Music Awards Ceremony’. G-Dragon became a fashionista that was acknowledged by fashion magazines. On top of this Daesung showed himself in variety shows, Seungri showed himself in a musical and TOP was casted for . Bigbang did this while maintaining their style extended their popularity. If you exclude their music, fashion, drama, musical, variety show, movies etc. the Bigbang members are just normal guys that enjoy their cultural life. They exist in all of the cultures of people around their ages, and were able to make themselves shine in that market in a way that was suitable for them. They made their music and fashion ‘cool’ and in variety shows they tried their best. The reason TOP was able to kiss Lee Hyori was because of the unique characteristics of Bigbang. They are an idol group with a fixed fandom, but they are also guys that are in their twenties that can be cool outside of the territories of their fandom.

‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ is a choice that came from Bigbang as the dominator of the music market. Bigbang through their first album found a new market, in their second mini album varied their products and by the solo activities they made their shares in the market firm. This is the ideal situation, but at the same time it means that the profit that they can gain from this field is at a saturated state. When they sell their albums, they can sell more than 200,000 and all the tickets for their performances are sold out. To receive more than this, they needed to expand their market.

This is why YG chose ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’. Some of the parts in ‘Haru Haru’ remind us of ‘Lies’. Like ‘Lies’ it starts with a piano accompaniment, and like it did in ‘Lies’ there is a hook that has a strong beginning ‘When you leave don’t look back…’. However ‘Haru Haru’ is subtly different from ‘Lies’ in many parts. Instead of having the rap and melody cross over each other, they have a development that was from the rap to the hook. Instead of how TOP had a rap part that was like a solo performance in the second verse of ‘Lies’, the song shows a similar development in the first and second verse. Also, in ‘Haru Haru’ the simple rhythm is the core of the song, contrary to ‘Lies’ where the rhythm splendidly is built up. In ‘Haru Haru’, the rest of the empty spaces are filled with the synthesizer that sounds like an orchestra.

Thus, ‘Haru Haru’ is easier for the public to easily understand than ‘Lies’. Instead of the complicated rhythm, the melody of the synthesizer comes in and instead of the kaleidoscopic development, there was the more predictable development; so, more people could come in contact with the song with less pressure. Look at how the hooks of ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Lies’ differ. It’s the same that the melody is catchy and the voices of the members are strong, but in ‘Lies’ in the part where they sing ‘eeya mollatsuh(oh I didn’t know)’ all a sudden the tone drops and leaves a melancholy feeling. On the other hand in ‘Haru Haru’ ‘Gurukjuguk haengbokhaeyadweh(you have to be somewhat happy)’, they shout out the feelings making their voices even a little rough. In ‘Lies’ they finish off having their feeling cool, but in ‘Haru Haru’ they shout out their feelings.

Until they released ‘Haru Haru’, there was no song that was like ‘Lies’, and the public could not consume the ‘Bigbang style’ without Bigbang. At this point, Bigbang released a newly designed product that still had the style that ‘Lies’ had, that the public could easily contact. The consumers still consumed ‘Haru Haru’, and the public that still did not enter Bigbang’s market yet started to get to know Bigbang’s music, style and members. Bigbang’s ‘Haru Haru’ music video was parodied by , and in an end of the year awards ceremoniy Kin Gura(comedian) mimicked TOP.

Of course you cannot only focus on the profit side for the intentions of the creator. You cannot say that ‘Haru Haru’ is a better song than ‘Lies’, but it has a different charm. Near the end of the second verse, by TOP’s fierce rapping and the synthesizer the climax is brought up; you can say that Bigbang increased the repertories that they could show. However, G-Dragon doesn’t compose/produce the Bigbang albums himself; YG’s owner Yang Hyunsuk does not only produce, but also participates in the mixing. Through ‘Sunset Glow’ you can clearly see the route that YG wanted from Bigbang. The song ‘Sunset Glow’ wouldn’t of come out if YG didn’t want to make Bigbang the ‘national idol group’. ‘Crazy Dog’ which they sampled from Seotaiji and Boy’s ‘Hwansangsokeui Geudae(You in the fantasy)’ brought one of the sounds and rebuilt the melody. Also Seotaiji and Boys and Bigbang were the starting point of the same group, so the justification as a tribute was reasonable.

However, ‘Sunset Glow’ is hard to find a connection with Bigbang’s music looking into the time period or just musically. Also they sampled ‘Sunset Glow’s main melody. Of course, you could say that sampling a legendary song is a new experiment. However, the result of ‘Sunset Glow’ is far away from that. The original song’s melody became the core of the song and the melody and original structures that they showed in ‘Lies’ and ‘Haru Haru’ disappeared. But instead, like in a lot of dance songs, the rap and hook are just grafted together. There were no tries like the reform of ‘Lies’ where they mixed in the Sibuya sounds and the popular music basis together well, or how they found a new way to develop the melody differently in ‘Haru Haru’. This gets even clearer when you compare ‘Sunset Glow’ with the series of albums they released in Japan.

Of course, while going through ‘Sunset Glow’ Bigbang received a lot of popularity. Bigbang from a survey came in second after Jang Yoonjung(trot singer) as a ‘national singer’. When an idol group has starts to hear that they are a ‘national singer’, they can have infinite choices in doing things. Bigbang is on many CF such as cell phones, beer, drinks, PMP and even games. Their own essay book became second for sales for the first half of 2009. It was possible for Bigbang to sell more books than their CDs because of the parent generation that moved. Bigbang who’s dominated the younger generation, became a ‘nation singer’. There will be nothing that Bigbang won’t be able to do in Korea.

However, the merits of ‘Sunset Glow’ overlap with this. ‘Sunset Glow’ made everyone get to know that Bigbang is becoming a ‘national singer’. Bigbang filmed a music video with Taean as the background, and in KBS’s end of the year music program they sang with Lee Moonsae(original singer of Sunset Glow). The style icons for the twenties all of a sudden started to deal with the whole country. ‘Sunset Glow’ made more of the public get to know about Bigbang, but was a choice that could made Bigbang’s ‘core’ go father away from them. Actually, ‘Sunset Glow’ didn’t’ do as good as ‘Lies’ or ‘Haru Haru’ on the digital online music charts. ‘Lies’-‘Last Farewell’ hardened the market for Bigbang, but ‘Haru Haru’-‘Sunset Glow’ hardened the new market they were aiming for but at the same time had the danger of losing their original market. This is why some of the fandoms opposed to ‘Sunset glow’ and their essay book that had their success stories in it. They liked the Bigbang that brought the new trend, not the Bigbang that talked about their success stories like adults.

Still these problems have not been raised up yet. If their book didn’t do as well, then this problem would’ve been published by the media. But the sales of Bigbang’s book was outstanding, and broke through this crisis by receiving compliments from Lee Whehsoo(writer) who’s known as a ‘cool teacher’. However there is no guarantee that they are going to have the same result again next time. And, more than anything, the style Bigbang has shown from ‘Lies’ to ‘Sunset Glow’ all are based on the specific style that started off from ‘Lies’. Until now, that style was with this generation’s style. But there is no guarantee that this generation’s consumers will keep consuming the same style. Like how it’s obvious the trend changes, the consumers right now could want another ‘Lies’ to speak by proxy to the trend right now. Bigbang is at the point where they will have to show the public if ‘Lies’ is only one of the styles they can bring out, or if that is the only style they can show.

So at this point what Bigbang needs to make an attempt to break the frame of a ‘national idol’ once more. During one of the year end music programs at SBS, G-Dragon rapped with Dynamic Duo. This was a memorable moment where YG and Movement made a collaboration, but it also reminded the people how Bigbang could naturally go out of the idol boundaries and present a new style for their generation. If until now they’ve broadened their market, now it is the time that they have to come back to their original market.

The fortunate thing is that YG proved that they know what Bigbang’s true nature is through Bigbang and 2NE1’s ‘Lollipop’. YG has put Bigbang with a new group, and interlocked with a cell phone CF by their song and music video. The song swept first place in many music charts and 2NE1 received a lot of spotlight even before their debut. But, YG wisely didn’t make a consumption of Bigbang in this huge project for 2NE1. Instead, YG offered a colorful music video and a stylish song that made Teddy’s producing skills shine. ‘Lollipop’ reminded us once more that Bigbang is a style icon. If Bigbang can renovate their own style, they’ll be able to spread their own style in a larger market than they had in ‘Lies’. There is only one thing Bigbang has to do. They have to open a post ‘Lies’ era. Their long run depends on this.

Original article written by Kang Myungsuk.
Translated by Beau @ bbvipz
taken from mol @ oh!

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Just some of BIGBANG’s achievements part 2…*last update: 30th August, 2014*

it’s 2014 and i’m sure we all miss our BIGBANG. so while we’re waiting for BIGBANG’s comeback whether this summer or early next year, let’s refresh our memory with what they’ve achieved (and the good times) after the success of their 2012 album Alive. remember how BIGBANG conquered the world with their Alive Galaxy Tour?

they had the record for the most numbers of concert attendees and are yet to be broken by any Korean act:
-Malaysia @ Stadium Merdeka (18,000-20,000)
-Philippines @ MOA Arena (13,000)
-Anaheim USA @ Honda Center (24,000)
-Newark USA @ Prudential Center (24,000)
-Peru @ Jockey Club del Perú (12,000-13,000)
-London England @ Wembley Arena (24,000)

-Shows of the Alive tour were sold out in every country that BB attended. Due to high demand, additional shows were requested to be added to the shows in some cities including Anaheim, New Jersey, London, Singapore and Hong Kong.

-They have also broken records during Alive tour, including (but not limited to) having the highest concert ticket sales in Taiwan by a Korean artist.

-Alive Tour won as the Best MOA arena concert and ranked #2 for Best Foreign Concert in Philippines’ Manila Concert Scene Awards for 2012

-Radio Programas del Perú ranked Alive tour as the best concert in South America for 2012

-Among the New York Times’ Best Concerts of 2012

-Alive Galaxy Tour attracted an estimated 800,000 attendees some of them includes big stars, celebrities and prominent figures in various Asian countries and even those non-Asian celebs like Glee Stars Kevin McHale & Harry Shum, Jedward…


-BIGBANG’s “Alive” album debuted at #150 US Billboard 200 charts selling 4,000 copies. This is the first time that any Kpop artist has landed on this chart without US promotion and gimmicks.

-BIGBANG broke a previous record by being a Korean artist to reach #3 on Top 10 Overall albums on US iTunes with “Alive”. The original record was set by BIGBANG in 2011 with “Tonight”, peaking @ #7.

-G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind” album also broke into the Billboard 200 chart, landing at #161, making him the 3rd Kpop artist to land on the chart, also without US promotions and gimmicks.

-G-Dragon was named the #1 songwriter of 2012, writing 17 successful songs in this year alone.


BIGBANG took a year off as a group since 2013 only to prove that they can also shine as individual artists.


-Daesung successfully debuted in Japan as a solo artist. His album D’scover reached #2 on Oricon Weekly Charts, his single I Love You reached #5 on Oricon Daily chart and #1 on USEN J-POP request ranking chart, and his D-Live DVD reached #3 on Oricon DVD Chart.

-D’scover was nominated for an album cover award (Music Jacket Gallery 2013), making him the only Korean artist to enter the list of nominees.

-Daesung was able to hold an MC position for MTV Japan’s ‘D-LITE & VJ Boo D’splay’, which was actually its second season as the show had been popular enough for additional airing.

-Daesung held his first solo tour across Japan in 2013 entitled “D-Lite D’scover Tour 2013 in Japan” successfully which included the highly sought after, Yokohoma Arena (capacity: 17,000). There were a total of 21 shows and the tour was sold out, seating over 100,000 fans.

-Daesung tops Japan’s iTunes with single Rainy Rainy

-Daesung also tops Oricon’s daily chart with 2nd Japanese album “D’slove” and ranks 2nd at Oricon’s weekly chart selling more than 37,000 copies.

-Daesung successfully finished “D-Lite Tour 2014 in Japan ~D’slove~”! attracting 170,000 people making him the first Korean Solo Singer To Attract More Than 100,000 People To Tour for 2 Consecutive Years


-Despite not even originally being in the YGE’s lineup, Seungri managed to release a successful album in both Korea and Japan. In Korea, Seungri managed to sell over 77,000 physical copies, which is a huge increase from his previous album VVIP, which sold over 44,000 copies.

-Let’s Talk About Love (EP) managed to reach #2 on Billboard’s World Albums. Additionally, Let’s Talk About Love also ranked in top 50 in 12  iTunes charts including the US.

-Let’s Talk About Love as a Japanese debut solo album also ranked well. It ranked #1 on USEN J-Pop Chart and #1 on Oricon Daily Chart.

-Through his Japanese album, Seungri revealed his first Japanese-written song, ‘Sorani Egaku Omoi’, and even before its official release, the song was selected as the theme song of the drama ‘Yubi Koi’.

-Seungri was the first Korean to host a cable show (on Fuji TV) in Japan.

-Seungri was recently casted in SBS’ Weekend drama “Angel Eyes” starring Goo Hye Sun.


-Doom Dada was released with no official promotions, however, the song managed to hit number one on numerous various Korean music charts, achieving an all-kill. Additionally, Doom Dada was even nominated on more than one occasion for a weekly music award.

-Doom Dada managed to reach #1 on iTunes charts in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Macao, and Malaysia.

-Doom Dada’s physical single has sold more than 17,000 copies so far

-The Commitment, a film starring TOP as a lead, was released in 588 screens in Korea alone. However, the movie was also released internationally in countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Germany, Canada, and USA.

-The Commitment managed to achieve the #1 spot in Korea’s nationwide box office and managed to attract more than 1 million audiences. As this was at about the same time as Doom Dada’s release, TOP was topping both music charts as well as the box office

-TOP won the “Rookie Award” at the Asia Star Awards in Busan International Film Festival, he was the only Korean Actor that won an award in the ceremony.

-TOP’s photo randomly appeared in website, global superstar. (lol)

-TOP was crowned the Sexiest Male Artist of 2013 by FuseTV. Britney Spears was the female winner.

-TOP was recognized by the renowned American music magazine Rolling Stone and listed him as one of the “hottest sex symbols of 2013“. T.O.P. is the only Korean and the only Asian among the 20 sexy stars in the list. Rolling Stone described T.O.P. as the Justine Timberlake of Asia and went on to say Big Bang is a star boyband gaining much popularity in the West.

-TOP’s “Doom Dada” Special EditionDVD tops Oricon’s daily chart and ranks 2nd on the weekly chart.

-TOP just finished his new movie Tazza 2: Hand of God and is set to premiere on Sept 4th.


-Immediately after the release of Ringa Linga, the track ranked number one on various Korean music charts including Genie, Mnet, Bugs, Olleh Music, Soribada, Naver Music, Cyworld Music, Daum Music.

-Despite the delay of Ringa Linga’s MV release, it was clear that anticipation was still high as three of the ten top search terms were related to Taeyang at the time.

-A short and incomplete promotion period also did not stop Taeyang from snagging weekly music awards as well as being named Inkigayo’s Top Artist of the Week.

-Ringa Linga also claimed the #1 spot on iTunes charts in 7 different countries including Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, and Macau.

-Taeyang and G-Dragon both made it into YouTube’s top 20 most viewed K-POP music videos. These included G-Dragon’s “Coup D’etat” at #20, Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga (Dance Version)” at #19, Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” at #16, G-Dragon’s Crooked at #12 and G-Dragon’s Michigo at #10.

-Taeyang’s 2nd studio album Rise was released online in June 3 achieving an All-Kill (#1 on all charts) in Korea. Rise was also #1 on the iTunes Album Chart in 10 countries (top 50 in 21 countries). At its peak, ‘Rise’ was #1 on iTunes R&B/SOUL Album Chart in 19 countries to include USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, Hong Kong, and Denmark (top 50 in 25 countries).

-following G-Dragon’s footsteps, Taeyang became the 2nd solo Korean artist with a Korean album to debut on Billboard 200 chart, ranking at #112.

-Rise album is the third highest charting K-pop album, and also the highest charting K-pop album by a solo artist, #1 on Billboard World Albums Chart, and #1 on Heatseekers Albums Chart. the album also ranked 1st in Japan’s biggest music site, Recochoku and Japan’s iTunes pop album chart (ranking #2 on overall album chart), garnering much popularity from the local fans. The achievement is especially meaningful as the album is a Korean version.

-Taeyang made a record by becoming the first Korean solo artist to top Melon’s weekly album chart for 5 consecutive weeks.

-Upon release of the Coup D’Etat album, all of the songs claimed the top spots on various music charts, gaining him an all-kill. This album broke a record on Melon as the most accessed album within 24 hours. Four of his songs (Black, Coup D’Etat, Crooked, Who You?) all won awards for being number one on weekly music shows. Coup D’Etat topped the September monthly charts of both Gaon and Hanteo.

-G-Dragon has either been in collaboration with or will be in collaboration with the following artists/producers from outside of Korea: Diplo, Boyznoize, Bauuer, Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Sky Ferreira, Pharrell Williams, and Missy Elliott.

-G-Dragon’s fashion sense has been recognized numerous times as he won Style Icon of the Year at the Style Icon Awards in Korea. He was also named one of GQ’s best dressed men of the week alongside other figures as Gerard Butler, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Liam Hemsworth.

-G-Dragon was shown to be the only idol-composer in a list of top 5 highest earning composers (via royalties) in Korea. He ranked #5 with royalties amounting to 790,000,000 won ($711,000), alongside other composers such as Teddy and Park Jin Young.

-Since the chart began in 1995, no South Korean artist has landed on the year-end chart that ranks the most album units sold by artists Billboard has classified in the “world” genre. G-Dragon, however, managed to rank #9 this year, allowing him to share the achievement of being one of the first ever Korean acts, along with SHINee who rank #10, to secure a spot on this chart.

-G-Dragon is the only K-POP act in 2013 to enter the Billboard 200.

-G-Dragon alone took home four awards from the Mnet Asian Music Awards, including Best Dance Performance (Male Solo – Crooked), Best Music Video (Coup D’Etat), Best Male Artist and Artist of the Year.

-G-Dragon’s world tour included 11 countries. In addition, he is the first Korean solo artist to host a “4 dome tour” (seating about 361,000 fans).

-G-Dragon received “Most popular international artist award” @ 1st Tudou Young Choice Music Awards as well as “Most popular Korean-Japanese artist award” @ QQ Music Awards, and “Top Male Artist” at YinYueTai V-Chart Awards 2014″ in China.

back to BIGBANG…

-Despite a full year of individual activities, BIGBANG still manages to garner interest and show their vast popularity when reunited as a group. For example, at Mnet’s Music Awards, the highest one minute rating was during BIGBANG’s performance.

-even with the lack of new group materials in 2013, BIGBANG successfully finished their Japanese dome tour, which includes 6 of Japan’s biggest venues. This tour includes 15 concerts in 6 different cities, seating 720,000 fans. In addition, this dome tour is also the largest even by domestic standards as the size has only seen by Mr. Children before. Additional shows have been added to this tour due to high demand.

-Fantastic Baby has been certified platinum by Recording Industry Association of Japan.

-BIGBANG’s Alive Tour Tokyo Dome DVD has been certified gold by Recording Industry Association of Japan.

-Fantastic Baby also ranked for two consecutive years in Recochoku’s yearly chart, #42 in 2012 and #81 in 2013.

-almost 2 years now since BIGBANG releases Alive Japanese version but the album is still selling on Oricon (running for 92 weeks now as we speak,). making Alive the Japanese album (for a Korean artist) with the longest time of charting on Oricon. beating out BoA’s Best Album which charted for 91 weeks…

-BIGBANG ranked 2nd in Forbes Korea’s Celebrity 40 for 2014. BIGBANG, along with SNSD, are the only Korean Celebrities who are consistent in the top 5 of Forbes Korea for the past 5 years.

-BIGBANG became the first Korean male group to record 100million views on Youtube.

-BIGBANG’s “Japan Dome Tour 2013-2014” DVD ranked first on Oricon’s daily chart and has already outsold their previous DVD “Alive Tour in Japan Special Final in Dome ~Tokyo Dome~ DVD” and blu-ray. as we speak, “Japan Dome Tour 2013-2014” is still slaying Oricon’s weekly DVD chart, showing BIGBANG’s increasing popularity in Japan.

-BIGBANG will make another record of becoming the first foreign artists to tour Japan’s 5 Largest Domes for 2 years in a row under the title “BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2013-2014” from last November to this January, travelling across Seibu, Kyocera, Yahoo Oku, Nagoya, Tokyo and Sapporo Domes. Performing a total of 16 times across 6 cities, the members heated up the 771,000 fans who joined them.

-BIGBANG’s “LIES” was chosen as the “Fave Song of the decade” for M Countdown’s 10th anniversary.

-BIGBANG’s VIP won Billboard’s Fan Army face-off for 2014

-Despite their still on-going hiatus in 2014, BIGBANG members still getting CFs/Endorsements left and right including Lotte Hotel Busan, Korean Tourism Organization “To:ur Imagination” CF, Hong Kong’s widely popular smash hit mobile game “Tower of Saviors”. also grabbing solo CFs with Taeyang for “CK (Calvin Klein) ONE 2014” CF, TOP for Reebok, Millet, and French Cafe. leader G-Dragon getting the most which includeds G-Market, Hite Beer, The Saem, J.ESTINA, and so on and so forth…

It’s good that while they’re still on hiatus, BIGBANG is still gaining more popularity as artists whether as a group or individually. and we can expect them to do well in their next comeback. 😀

reference for just some of BIGBANG achievements part 1:

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