BIGBANG’s ranking on Melon Music’s Yearly Chart since debut *plus additional infos*

Melon is the biggest and most influential music download site in Korea which takes up over 55 percent of the Korean music market share. So i decided to compile BIGBANG’s rankings on Melon’s Top 100 yearly chart. in 2006 (= BB’s debut) none of their songs entered the top 100.

#15 Lie 거짓말 (Always EP)
#40 Dirty Cash (BigBang Vol. 1)

#2 Haru Haru 하루 하루 (Stand Up EP)
#6 Last Farewell 마지막 인사 (Hot Issue EP)
#9 Heaven 천국 (Stand Up EP)
#21 Look only at Me 나만 바라봐 by Taeyang (Hot)
#25 I’m Sorry by Gummy feat. T.O.P
#35 How Gee 하우지 (For The World)
#38 Lie 거짓말 (Always EP) – released in 2007
#57 Red Sunset Glow 붉은 노을 (Remember)
#58 A Good Man 착한 사람 (Stand Up EP)
#61 D.I.S.C.O Uhm Jung Hwa feat. T.O.P
#76 Oh My Friend feat. No Brain (Stand Up EP)
#87 Look At Me Gwisoon by Daesung (Digital Single)
#95 Fool 바보 (Hot Issue EP)
#99 Lady (Stand Up EP)

2009 (BB hiatus)
#3 Heartbreaker by G-Dragon (Heartbreaker)
#10 Lollipop with 2ne1
#59 Red Sunset Glow 붉은 노을 (Remember) – released in 2008
#83 Wonderfulreleased in 2008
#85 A Boy by G-Dragon (Heartbreaker)
#91 Stylish (FILA limited edition) – released in 2008

2010 (BB hiatus)
#42 I Need A Girl by Taeyang feat. G-Dragon (Solar)

#2 I Cheated by Team GG Park Myung Soo and G-Dragon feat. Park Bom
#34 Tonight (4th EP)
#35 Oh Yeah by GD&TOP feat. Park Bom (GD&TOP Volume 1) – released in 2010
#43 High High by GD&TOP (GD&TOP Volume 1) – released in 2010
#63 Love Song (Special Edition)
#66 Cafe (4th EP)
#81 What Is Right (4th EP)

#5 Fantastic Baby (5th EP Alive)
#16 Monster (Still Alive)
#18 Blue (5th EP Alive)
#33 Crayon by G-Dragon (OOAK EP)
#43 Missing You by G-Dragon  feat. Kim Yuna of Jaurim (OOAK EP)
#50 That XX by G-Dragon (OOAK EP)
#57 Bad Boy (5th EP Alive)
#82 Still Alive (Still Alive)

2013 (BB hiatus)
#34 Crooked by G-Dragon (Coup D’Etat)
#41 Who You? by G-Dragon (Coup D’Etat)
#61 Black by G-Dragon feat. Jennie Kim (Coup D’Etat)
#90 Going To Try by Jung HyungDon feat. G-Dragon

2014 (BB hiatus)
#3 Eyes, Nose, Lips by TaeYang (Rise)

#1 Bang Bang Bang by BigBang (Made series A) [single album]
#6 Loser by BigBang (Made series M) [single album]
#7 Bae Bae by BigBang (Made series M) [single album]
#17 Fear by Mino ft. BigBang Taeyang
#35 If You by BigBang (Made series D) [single album]
#37 Mapsosa by Kwanghee and BigBang members Taeyang and G-Dragon (2015 Infinity Challenge Festival)
#40 Let’s Not Fall In Love by BigBang (Made series E) [single album]
#51 Sober by BigBang (Made series D) [single album]
#52 We Like 2 Party by BigBang (Made series A) [single album]
#58 Good Boy by BigBang G-Dragon & Taeyang released in 2014
#74 Zutter by GD & TOP (Made series E) [single album]

°Note: 2016 is practically another BigBang hiatus, they released Made the full album on December 12, 2016

additional infos:

some of BIGBANG's songs even made it in Melon's top 100 songs of the decade (2000-2010)

#4 Last Farewell 마지막 인사 (Hot Issue EP)
#8 Haru Haru 하루 하루 (Stand Up EP)
#15 Lie 거짓말 (Always EP)
#41 Lollipop with 2ne1
#65 Heartbreaker by G-Dragon (Heartbreaker)
#80 I’m Sorry by Gummy feat. T.O.P

BIGBANG has also captured the 1st- 3rd, 5th and 7th spots on the songs which have been in the Melon chart for more than 30 weeks:

1st ~ Lie 54 weeks (2nd week of August,07- 1st week of July, 08; 3rd week of August – 3rd of September, 09)
2nd ~ Last Farewell 45 weeks (3rd week of November, 07 – 3rd week of September, 08)
3rd ~ Haru Haru 41 weeks (1th week of August, 08 – 2th week of May, 09)
5th ~ My Heaven 34 weeks (1st week of August, 08 – 3rd week of March, 09)
7th ~ Sunset Glow 31 weeks (1st week of November,08 – 5th week of May,09)


more infos:
2004-2013 – Top artists with the most hit songs during Melon’s 10 years history

*BIGBANG @ #2 with 22 songs – group only, doesn’t include GD&TOP’s tracks & the members’ solos)
*G-Dragon @ #10 along with Lee Hyori, KCM, Gummy, K.Will (10 songs)

The list of Power Hit Makers via these 976 songs:
G-Dragon @ #5 with 28 hits

Longest-running #1 Songs by Male Idol Groups on Melon’s Digital Charts

#1 (8 Weeks)
Last Farewell by BIGBANG

#2 (7 Weeks)
Haru Haru by BIGBANG

#3 (6 Weeks)
Love Sick by FT ISLAND

#4 (5 Weeks)
Lollipop by BIGBANG

#5 (2 Weeks)
Sunset Glow by BIGBANG
Heartbeat by 2PM
Never Let You Go by 2AM

#6 (1 Week)
Tonight by BIGBANG
Love Song by BIGBANG
Fantastic Baby by BIGBANG
Monster by BIGBANG

Angel by Shinhwa
Love Love Love by FT Island
Loner by CN Blue
Again and Again by 2PM
You Won’t Answer My Calls by 2AM
I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me by 2AM

BIGBANG dominates in Songs from 2007~2012 with the most digital sales


#1 – Lies by Bigbang
#2 – Love Sick by FT Island
#3 – Dirty Cash by Bigbang

#1 – Haru Haru by Bigbang
#2 – Last Farewell by Bigbang
#3 – Heaven by Bigbang

#1 – Heartbreaker by G-Dragon
#2 – Again&Again by 2PM
#3 – Sorry Sorry by Super Junior

(note: BIGBANG went on a hiatus in 2009-2010)

#1- Tonight by Bigbang
#2 – On Rainy Days by Beast
#3 – Intuition by CNBLUE

#1 – Fantastic Baby by Bigbang
#2 – Blue by Bigbang
#3 – Monster by Bigbang

(2007~2009 is from Melon annual chart and 2010~2012 is from Gaon annual chart)

BIGBANG dominates in Idol groups' highest numbers of listeners within 24 hours on Melon

BigBang Tops for K-Pop Groups with Most No.1 Songs in Gaon Charts (2010-2017)

Source: Melon, Naver, Gaon, Starnews


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