BIGBANG… idols who step out as real Artists


Some Korean articles where BIGBANG were recognized as real artists, admired for their composing ability, fashion, as well as contributions in Korea’s music industry Then and Now…

BIGBANG set the Electronic Dance Music trend in Korea

One of Korea’s favorite hip-hop bands

Culture Icon

representative of idol group. popular not only within teens but different age groups as well

Credited for bringing back “old school” fashion into the mainstream

Acknowledge for their composing ability, a true artist and not idols – music critic Im Jin Mo

Complimented for their glamorous style and musical sensibility which further deepened during their 2009-2010 hiatus

Recognized for their role in making Korean hip-hop music popular

An idol whose framework was that of a true artist (note: this author blatantly said he doesn’t like idols)

Best Kpop group

the gods of K-pop

Legendary figure

How did Big Bang become a living legend of the idol world? Through their album Alive. Since then, Big Bang has reached its third peak through the ‘MADE’ project in 2015


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