BIGBANG members are the biggest BIGBANG fans… *last update: 170424*

this is BIGBANG’s first inevitable hiatus as a group cuz TOP is doing his mandatory military service right now. he’s the first member to enlist. so i want to dedicate this post on how the remaining BB members show their love and support each other, waiting for their own reunion. BB members are truly the biggest BB stans. ❤

YB and GD promoting DS’ solo mini album in japan

does anybody has the screenshot of Seungri’s instagram post of Daesung’s D-Day?

YB attending DS’ solo dome concert in japan

Daesung mentions TOP and other members in jelly magazine and model press

GD promoting YB’s solo japanese tour

SR surprising DS for his birthday on april 24 and last show of solo dome tour in japan. happy birthDAE! ❤

SR also revealed at the concert that they received a call from TOP! (170423)


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..guaranteed BIGBANG fan for 7 years now and a loyal GTOP shipper since 2014...
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