About “BigBang is Forever”

first off, my real name is Jen. i’m a moderator of a 9-year-old entertainment website forum *not telling which forum though, lmao!* and i’m a HUGE fan of the Korean group BIGBANG so that makes me a VIP (BB fans are called VIP).

BIGBANG members includes G-Dragon, TaeYang, T.O.P, DaeSung and SeungRi.

i’m not really a blogger. in fact this blog was made cos i only needed a place to store this entry “A Letter of a Korean VIP“. it’s a very meaningful letter and narrates how our beloved BIGBANG started from being nobody to Somebody. i wanted to share someone in allkpop about this letter but didn’t want to link him/her to our forum cos AKP forum was kinda filled with trolls and i was afraid those trolls will infect our precious forum. we’ve had enough of them, esp the spammers promoting their products, to last us a lifetime. lol! so i created this blog instead to link him/her with.

the blog has sort of became a storage room for some BB fun/random information = any of those i could think of actually so you’ll notice the gap of entries. =/

about the title, it was derived from Seungri’s Japanese diary blog entry last year. here’s Seungri aka Seung-chan with the Japanese comedian Sugi-chan shouting “BIGBANG is forever!” in the pic 😛



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